track your performance like a pro!

The NEXT football delivers the complete set of performance analytics that professionals use to analyze their game.

Use the app to track your match performances, to measure your athletic abilities and to view tactical streams of your games.

Compare your performances to those of your teammates and opponents, and observe trends as they happen during the competition season.

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Match Performance Analytics

Track your game.

Knowledge of match performance metrics is crucial to managing your team towards victory.

View your match contributions in the match report.

Track the number of attempted passes and successful passes made by your team and by each player.
Track the number of attempted shots, shots on target and goals made by your team and by each player.
Track how long your team held possession and how often the ball was turned over to your opponents.
Athletic Performance Analytics

Measure your ability.

Knowledge of your athletic abilities is crucial to planning for games and competitions.

compare players in the match report.

Measure the distance covered in the game by each player and compare it to your team's average.
Measure the average speed of each player in your team and compare it to your team's average.
Positioning Analytics

Improve your tactics.

Knowledge of your positioning is crucial to developing tactics and strategies for victory.

view your tactics live in the match report.

View the positioning heatmaps of your team and compare the positions of your players.
Follow your tactics in real-time and make adjustments to outplay your opponents.

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The NEXT football app does a lot more .

The NEXT football app gives you all the tools that you need to manage your amateur football career. You can schedule your matches, view your performance history, manage your team and browse competitions!

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schedule your matches

Invite your friends.

The NEXT football app delivers all that you need to schedule your matches!

Invite your friends, view their invitation status and send them reminders.

Manage your invitations and find opponents on the NEXT football app.

view your performance history

Observe your trends.

The NEXT football app brings your entire performance history to one place!

View career stats to observe trends in your contributions, movement and positioning.

Access match reports of past matches to delve deeper into your history.

manage your team

Improve your squad.

The NEXT football app organizes all the information about your team!

Observe performance trends and access match reports to see player contributions.

Add/remove players, select the starting squad for your matches.

browse tournaments

Prepare to win.

The NEXT football app gives you real-time information about ongoing competitions!

View competition results from the group stage and the knockout rounds.

Review your results, scout your opponents and prepare for upcoming matches.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the NEXT football app.


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How do I get the NEXT football app?

The NEXT football app is currently in beta-testing, and only invited players have access to it. Join a NEXT football tournament to get your invite today!

Where do I download the NEXT football app?

The NEXT football app will be available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store soon. If you have a pre-launch invite, look for an email from us with instructions on how to install the app.

How do my teammates get the app?

When you sign up to a tournament, we ask for the email addresses of all your players. Everyone will receive an email with instructions on how to install the app.

Does every player need to have the app?

Yes, every player must have the app and create their profile. The player profile is where you get your analytics, and we have no way to give you the information without it.

How do I book a pitch on the app?

At this time, you cannot make a pitch booking on the app. You must call the facility directly and ask for the NEXT football when making your reservation.

How do I start my match at the facility?

After you have collected the football and player trackers, and given each player a tracker, ask them to select their tracker number on their profile. When ready, click on the start match button.

Why can't I select the start match button?

Only the referee can start and stop the match. The player who scheduled the match is made the referee by default, and you must ask them to start it.

How does the system know who I am?

When you select your tracker number on the app, it temporarily pairs your profile to that tracker so that we can link all the performance data to you.

What if I forget to select my tracker number?

The match lobby shows the paired/unpaired status of every player profile in it. Everyone in the lobby always sees this status in real-time so that they may remind others to pair their tracker.

What to do if I selected the wrong tracker number?

If the match hasn't started, you can clear your selection and choose the right number. If it has, you must swap the wrong tracker for the one paired to your profile.

What if I played the whole match with the wrong tracker?

Since the system works in real-time, we cannot change the data that is paired to your profile. Drop us a message and we'll try to find a workaround after the match but we cannot promise a fix.

How do I know that my metrics are accurate?

We collect data from the sensors up to 200 times per second to track every little detail of the match. And we recheck all the data before generating the match report at the end.

Can I have more than one team?

Yes, you can have as many teams as you like for casual matches. For tournament entries, every player may only join once as part of a single team.

Does the app work with other fitness trackers?

No, it does not. At this moment, we only support data from the NEXT football and player trackers. If this is important to you, drop us a message to learn when it will be available.