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How to use the NEXT football?

The NEXT football system is available for rent at our partner facilities and you don't need to purchase the devices.
Choose a location and contact the facility. Ask for the NEXT football when booking your pitch.
Download the NEXT football app, schedule your match and invite your friends and opponents.
Arrive at the facility, collect the ball and trackers from the reception, and go to your pitch.
Give each player a tracker and ask them to select its number on the app. Click on "start match" to begin playing.
All stats are available in the match report in real-time and after your game.

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to use the NEXT football.


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How do I get the NEXT football and player trackers?

The NEXT football and player trackers are available for rent at our partner facilities. You can ask for them while making a booking and they will be ready for you when you arrive.

How do I use the NEXT football and player trackers?

The football has sensors inside it but you can play with it as you normally do. The player trackers must be worn on your arm, and the facility will give you an armband with your tracker.

How do I schedule a match with the NEXT football?

To play your match, it must be scheduled on the NEXT football app. Create your profile and invite your teammates to do so too. You can schedule a match in one simple step from the home screen.

Is the pitch reserved for me when I schedule a match?

No, it is not. At this moment, we do not make pitch bookings on your behalf. You must call the facility and ask for the NEXT football when making your reservation.

Does every player need a profile?

Yes, every player must have a profile to use the app. The player profile is where you get your analytics, and we have no way to give you the information without it.

Can I use the NEXT football for my friendly matches?

Yes, you can use the NEXT football for all your matches as long as you book a NEXT football pitch. Remember to schedule your match and invite all the players before you travel to the facility.

Can I buy the football and player tracker?

No, you cannot buy the football or player tracker at this time. They are only available for rent at our partner facilities.

Do the football and trackers work outside the pitch?

The sensors inside the football and the player trackers go into a low-power mode unless they are commanded not to do so. If taken out of the facility, they will remain so until they are returned.

What to do if I took the tracker home by mistake?

The football and the player trackers are the property of the facility where you played your match. Contact them to arrange a return and store them carefully until then.

Can I install the NEXT football system at my home?

Yes, technically you can, but we do not yet support non-commercial installations of the NEXT football system. Drop us a message to be the first to know when support is available.

How do I know which facilities have the NEXT football?

You can see our list of partner facilities here. You can also drop us a message on social media to know when and where we will be launching near you.