are you the owner or manager of a football pitch?

Upgrade your pitch with the same tech as the FIFA World Cup!

The NEXT football system is the product of extensive research and development to build a fully automated, real-time performance tracking system.

It is based on tech that is used in the FIFA World Cups, with some improvements to make it run without human supervision and at minimal cost.

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real-time performance tracking

Deliver when it matters.

Set your pitch apart with this NEXT football exclusive feature!

View the tactical livestream and see match results as they happen.

pro-level data accuracy

Record every match event.

Deliver the complete set of performance analytics to every player!

Capture data up to 200 times per second and count every pass, shot and goal.

low processing and power costs

Millions not needed.

Get pro-level performance tracking at an amateur cost!

Install the NEXT football system now to benefit from introductory offers.

Automated videos and highlights

Never miss a moment.

Add cameras to your system to deliver the ultimate professional experience!

Coming soon. Join the community now and be the first to get it.

want to learn more about the next football system?

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The NEXT football system is already running at its first location in Île-de-France. We are excited to meet new partners who share our vision to create a global community of amateur athletes!

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NEXT football technology

How does the system work?

The NEXT football and player trackers have sensors inside them which communicate with receivers installed on your pitch.

The NEXT football has high-range motion sensors inside to record all physical forces applied to the ball during the match.
The NEXT player trackers have high-sensitivity motion sensors inside to record minute changes in players' acceleration and orientation.
Our proprietary tech combines data generated by all these sensors to calculate player performance metrics and to make tactical analyses.
All data collected by the system is sent to the NEXT football app in real-time so that players can take better decisions in their matches.
NEXT football technology

Why should you install it?

The NEXT football system transforms the experience of your pitch to boost players' engagement and to give them a compelling reason to return.

The NEXT football suite of analytics and video is a set of features which you can sell to your customers with no added cost per usage.
Purchasing the system makes you eligible to host the NEXT football tournament and to earn income from the pitch rentals for its matches.
The system is designed to be scalable on demand. Start with one pitch and expand to the others in your facility when you are ready.
The system's power consumption is equal to that of a desktop computer, and it requires a standard 5G/broadband connection.

keep scrolling to discover how to install and use the next football system.

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At the moment, we are partnering with only a limited number of facilities. Become an early member of the NEXT football community and benefit from exciting introductory offers!

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NEXT football technology

How do you install the system?

The NEXT football system comes with a variety of options to suit you infrastructure and interior design. We tailor every installation to your needs.

Send us an email to book a call with our sales team and have your questions answered.
Fix a date and time for our team to visit your pitch and make an installation plan.
Buy the hardware required for your installation and have it shipped to your facility.
Choose a date which suits your business and we will send our team to give you in-person support.
NEXT football technology

How do you use the system?

The NEXT football system is designed to work without human intervention. Our servers are programmed to command the system remotely so that you don't have to.

You must power on the system, wait for it to boot and connect it to the internet. Once connected, you can leave it on and attend to other things.
The football and player trackers have sensors inside them which require power to operate. You must keep their batteries charged to have them ready for use.
When the players arrive, you must give them the devices and remind them to select their tag number on the app.
The system will track their match automatically. All you need to do is to collect the devices after their match and put them back on charge.

focus on your business and let us worry about the technology!

We are available 24x7 to give you technical assistance!

We monitor your system remotely every 15 minutes and we run a daily diagnostic to be proactive in minimising downtime.

We are also available 24x7 to resolve unforeseen issues immediately.

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the NEXT football system.


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Does the system work on multiple pitches?

Yes, the system is designed to be scalable to new pitches on demand. You can start with one and upgrade your installation at any time, while paying just for the devices that you will need.

Does the system work outdoors?

Yes, the system can work both indoors and outdoors, but it needs some infrastructure for wiring. You may even use the same system to track some indoor and other outdoor pitches.

How much does the system cost to purchase and install?

The cost of installation varies depending upon your facility design and its requirements. Contact us to get the price list of system components and an estimate of a typical installation.

What infrastructure do I need to install the system?

All you need is a football pitch with a power source and an internet connection to install and run the system. Any standard 5G or broadband connection is fast enough.

How long does the installation take?

The entire process may take up to 10 days after purchase to complete. We tailor the system to your needs and we make cosmetic changes to suit your facility design.

Will my pitch be blocked for the entire installation period?

No, we only need the pitch for one day to complete the hardware installation. We will discuss all your concerns in advance and ensure minimal interruption to your business.

Where is the system available?

At this time, we can only provide support to facilities in Europe, but don't hesitate to contact us if you live in another region of the world. We may already be planning to launch in your region soon.

What return on investment may I expect?

Given our current price list and the introductory offer, we estimate that it will require 600 hours of pitch rentals to recover the amount that you spend on installation.

Do I need to turn on the system for each game?

The system is designed to stay on all day long without downtime. It goes into low-power mode when inactive and switches back to the regular mode on demand.

What is the downtime that I should expect?

We have been testing the system extensively to confirm that it is ready for non-stop use. Most issues can be fixed with a simple reset in under 5 minutes.

What do I do if a system reboot does not work?

In the rare case of a serious malfunction, you will need us to visit your facility to either fix or replace your system. We commit to resolving serious issues within 48 hours of the compaint.

Do I need an engineer to run the system?

No, you do not. Our engineers are always monitoring the health of your system, so that all you need to do is to boot the system, which is the same as booting any computer.