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Team Sign-up - NEXT football season

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Buy your team's spot in the NEXT football season!

This ticket buys entry for one team with up to 12 players to play 10 competition matches at a NEXT football location and to win cash prizes from the quarter-finals and up!

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3-day cancellation policy.


Players aged 18 and over.


Play your matches with the same tech as the FIFA World Cup!

The NEXT football tournament is a 5v5 football competition in the champions league format with a group stage and a knockout stage.

Every team plays 4 matches to compete in the group stage and the quarter-finals. Winning teams proceed to the semi-final and final matches.

All competitive matches are officiated by professional referees and are played with the NEXT football and player trackers.

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Show up prepared.

Experience the NEXT football tournament in an exciting, fast-paced format.

Play 20-minute matches and secure victory before the day ends.


Scout the competition.

Use the NEXT football app to scout your opponents and plan your matches.

View tactical livestreams of your opponents to discover gaps their formations.


Secure the reward.

Win the tournament and get rewarded for your performance.

Stay until the finals and join our little celebration at the end.

keep scrolling to discover the tournament format.

64 players. 8 Teams. One full day of football.

The NEXT football tournament is played in two stages within the same day.

The group stage has every team competing against others in their group to obtain a position in the knockout table.

The elimination stage starts with every team competing against an opponent from the other group, and the winners of these advance to the semi-finals and finals.

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see the tournament location and plan your travel.

We can't wait to meet you!

This tournament will be played at Stadium Thiais. Find the address and location below.

Stadium Thiais
2 Rue Du Courson
Zi Senia
Thiais, 94320 Île-de-france
+33 1 46 87 64 24

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We are committed to the highest standards of fair play.

NEXT football competition matches are played with the standard set of rules as defined by the IFAB, with some adjustments to them to accommodate for the smaller pitch.

We are very serious about the proper implementation of match rules. Please don't hesistate to reach out if you have been treated unfairly.

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Team Rules

Calling all players.

All teams must meet the eligibility criteria to sign-up for the tournament and to continue in the tournament.

Add a short description for this tabAll players must be at least 18 years old at the time of signing up and creating their profile.
Every team must have a designated captain, which is set by default to the player who created the team.
All teams must have at least 5 registered players to form the starting squad at the time of signing up.
All teams may have up to 3 additional players as substitutes, limiting the maximum team size to 8 players.
Match Rules

Standard rules, new format.

All matches are played with the standard set of rules as defined by IFAB, with some changes for the smaller pitch.

Each player may be substituted twice, i.e. they may come back from being substituted the first time.
Outfield players cannot handle the ball anywhere, and goalkeepers cannot handle the ball outside the goal area.
The ball is considered in play if it hits the net and falls back on the pitch. Referees may stop the game for special cases.
Slide tackling is not allowed to reduce the risk of injury for all players.
Tournament Rules

Fairness for all.

All teams must follow the tournament rules and respect the referees' decisions as final.

Each team must have at least 3 players on the pitch to start the match. Incomplete teams forfeit the game at kick-off.
Every match in the group stage is played for 20 minutes. Every match in the knockout stage is played for 30 minutes.
Captains may remove players from a team with the player's approval and fill vacant slots with new players.
Bullying, violence and racism is not welcome on the pitch and may lead to disqualification without refunds.